The Irish Times celebrates our founding father

Peter O’Connor & Son Solicitors & Notaries takes great pride in the achievements of the members of our team. These achievements date back as far as 1895 when our founding member, Peter O’Connor became involved in competitive amateur athletics. Peter O’Connor was a well renowned track-and-field athlete, holding numerous records, he was also a respected businessman and a devoted father to his nine children. Brian Maye of The Irish Times provides great detail into the life of Peter O’Connor’s journey from his early childhood to the success he later found in his athletic and legal career in this wonderful article.

Olympic record holder

Peter O’Connor grabbed the attention of the media rapidly during his successful career in track-and-field. He is remembered most notably for developing a new long jump technique, he has set numerous unofficial records and participated in legendary rivalries. In 1901 he set an official long jump world record of 25 ft 9ins, this record remained unbroken for an astounding 20 years. Peter’s achievements in the world championships in Buffalo, New York earned him the nickname the “Irish Antelope”.

Legal career

Aside from his numerous, remarkable athletic achievements Peter O’Connor still found time to develop a great legal career. He took over this firm in 1920, from Daniel Dunford who he had been working for as a managing clerk. This firm prides itself on the great example which Peter O’Connor has set through his dedication to both his athletic and legal career.

We would like to thank Brian Maye of The Irish Times for shedding some light on this incredible man. Read the full article here. This firm is built on the values and beliefs of Peter O’Connor. We strive to live up to the example he has set. We believe in fair play and doing right by our customers. Contact us and benefit from a legacy of passion and experience.