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Water Park Golf Society Swings for a Cause

Water Park Golf Society Swings for a Cause As captain of the Water Park Golf Society for 2023/2024. I’m excited to share the incredible success of our recent Tremor Golf Outing fundraiser. We raised an impressive 1400 euros, a testament to the generosity and spirit of our golfing community. The funds were proudly presented to […]

Judge cautions against relying on ‘extremely unsafe’ home-made will.

Judge cautions against relying on ‘extremely unsafe’ will templates downloaded from web. https://www.irishtimes.com/crime-law/courts/2023/07/04/judge-cautions-against-relying-on-extremely-unsafe-will-templates-downloaded-from-web/ The above article by Eleanor Reardon in The Irish Times deals with judgement given by Ms. Justice Siobhán Stack relating to the interpretation of a will. I would wholeheartedly concur with Judge Stack’s advice to members of the public which would be […]

tips for making your will

Caring and thoughtful tips for making your will

The Covid 19 pandemic has given many of us cause to reflect on our mortality. As part of this reflection, we would encourage everyone (over the age of 18) to consider making a Will. Ambiguity, uncertainty and mixed messages are the principal causes of the majority of probate disputes. These can be avoided with a […]

Setting up a Discretionary Trust for a child with special needs

A trust is a legal device created to deal with the management of the property on behalf of another person. In Ireland, Discretionary Trusts are most commonly used as part of estate planning due to the flexibility they provide. This is particularly valuable for parents of children with disabilities or special needs who may not […]

Enduring Power of Attorney – Commonly Asked Questions

Enduring Power of Attorney – Commonly Asked Questions

What is an Enduring Power of Attorney? An Enduring Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows you to appoint a specific individual or individuals to look after your personal, medical, and financial affairs in the event that you lose your mental capacity at some point in the future. Is an Enduring Power of […]

name change

Change of name, deed Polls & frequently asked questions

Here we will answer a few frequently asked questions on deed polls and name changes. 1. I would like to change my name; can I do this?   Yes. In Ireland, you have two options by which you can do this. The first and more informal method is through “common usage” i.e. where you simply […]

outcomes when a deceased owned / held assets in a country other than Ireland

Possible outcomes when a deceased owned / held assets in a country other than Ireland.

As is the answer to many legal questions, that depends! It depends on the type and the extent (amount) of property/assets they owned. As a rule of thumb, the greater the value/amount of assets owned, the higher the likelihood of the need to extract a foreign Grant. In order to have these assets released to […]

The Intestate Succession Act

The Intestate Succession Act

In circumstances where someone dies without having made a Will or has made an invalid Will, that person will be deemed to have died “intestate” and the Succession Act 1965 will kick in and it sets out the following; 1. Who is entitled to distribute your estate (assets); 2. Who gets what; Who can Extract […]