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Investigation of title

When purchasing a property in Ireland, a buyer must engage a solicitor to conduct an “investigation of title”. This involves going through and critically reviewing the title documents the seller is offering. The buyers solicitor will identify any missing documents, potential problems or gaps in title and attempt to resolve these prior to contracts being […]

Understanding conveyancing: buying or selling property

Understanding conveyancing: buying or selling property

Conveyancing is the transfer of legal title of real property from one person to another, translated into plain English, it is the process of buying or selling property. The conveyancing process requires input for number of different people including, vendors, purchasers, auctioneers, architects, banks, mortgage brokers and solicitors. A good Solicitor should explain how the […]

from a seller's perspective

Process of the sale of a house from a seller’s perspective

For most, buying or selling a house is something the majority of people will only do a handful of times, if that, during their lives. In the legal world, we refer to the process of buying or selling houses as conveyancing. The conveyancing process may sometimes appear complicated and shrouded in mystery. However, it need […]