POC participating in the GROWCircle Programme

GROWCircle with GIY ‘Climate action at work’

We are growing our own food! In further efforts to become a more sustainable firm we will be participating in the GROWCircle programme.

What is GROWCircle?

The GROWCircle with GIY – Climate Action at Work programme is funded by the Waterford Chamber Skillnet. GROWCircle is a corporate wellness and sustainability programme designed to make growing food easy and accessible to employees.

Over the next 6 months we will be growing our own vegetables, learning how to live a more food sustainable life and engaging with a community of food sustainability practitioners.

The benefits.

Growing our own food is not only a fun challenge but engages us in thinking about how we produce and receive the food we consume. This programme encourages us to face the challenges of growing food and consider the sustainability of the food we purchase.

Learn more about the programme with Waterford Chamber Skillnet.

We look forward to expanding our knowledge on sustainable food practices and living a more sustainable life. To learn more about our involvement in the GROWCircle programme, or for top legal support, get in touch with us.