name change

Change of name, deed Polls & frequently asked questions

Here we will answer a few frequently asked questions on deed polls and name changes.

1. I would like to change my name; can I do this?  

Yes. In Ireland, you have two options by which you can do this. The first and more informal method is through “common usage” i.e. where you simply start using a different name than that on your birth certificate in your daily life. However, the primary difficulty with this approach is that you will most likely run into difficulties when dealing with Banks, the Passport Office, or any kind of Government Department.

The second and more formal method by which you can officially change your name is by executing a document known as a “Deed Poll.”

2. What is a Deed Poll?

A Deed Poll is a short document, prepared by your Solicitor, which can be used to legally change your name. The Deed Poll performs two tasks;

a) The renunciation of your old name;
b) The declaration of your new name.

A correctly drafted and executed Deed Poll will be accepted by Banks, the Passport Office, etc., as evidence of your new, legal name.

3. Do I need to register my Deed Poll?

No, you do not have to register your Deed Poll. However, you may elect to register it with the Central Office of the High Court. The purpose of doing so is to put the world on notice or anyone who cares to view the register, that you have “officially” changed your name.

4. Do I have to explain why I want to change my name?

 No, there is no requirement for any explanation as to why you wish to change your name.

5. Can anyone execute a Deed Poll?

In Ireland, any Irish national over the age of eighteen years can execute a Deed Poll. If you are not an Irish national, you will have to obtain the consent of the Minister for Justice & Equality for your intended change of name.

6. I have recently transitioned, do I need to execute a Deed Poll?

No, there is no specific requirement to do so unless you are applying for a Gender Recognition Certificate from the Department of Social Welfare. In these circumstances you will be required to execute and register your Deed Poll.

7. I would like to change my child’s name; can I do this?

Children aged between 14 and 18 years can execute a Deed Poll with the consent of both parents. If a child is under the age of 14 years, a mother/guardian must execute the Deed Poll on his/her behalf with the consent of the father.


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