Understanding the Succession Act 1965 and Your Inheritance Rights

An intestacy situation arises where a deceased person has not made a will or where they’ve made a will and for whatever reason, it’s proved to be invalid. So those circumstances, the Succession Act 1965, and the rules of the Superior Court set out who is entitled to what and persons who are entitled to […]

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax is a tax paid by a person who inherits money or property from a person who has died. In Ireland, it’s a type of Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) as opposed to the UK, where the estate of the deceased is liable for the tax. An estate tax is a levy on an estate, […]


An executor is the person named in a will, as nominated by the testator, who will carry out the instructions of the will. The executor is responsible for distributing assets of the deceased’s estate as soon as possible. These assets must be preserved and given to the entitled beneficiary as instructed by the will. Not […]

Discretionary Trust

A discretionary trust is a legal document, which if correctly drafted, creates a legal relationship between the “settlor”, the person setting up the trust, the “Trustees”, the individuals selected to manage the trust and the “beneficiaries”, the persons for whose benefit the trust was created. The Trust deed and/or a “letter of wishes”, will set […]


If you die with assets and have not made a valid Will, the Succession Act sets out who is entitled to inherit these assets. Take control, make a Will and ensure your assets go where you intend. Contact us to book a consultation for legal assistance on drawing up a will that works for you. […]

Power of Attorney

A legal document which allows someone to nominate and authorise another individual to make decisions on their behalf. It can be very limited in its scope and timeframe, or more broad, depending on the specific requirements of the situation.

Succession planning

In a legal context, Succession planning is the process and strategy of designing a system by which assets and wealth are transferred from one generation to the next, as efficiently and effectively as possible, given all of the circumstances of the client’s particular situation. This might include, business assets, personal assets being passed to children […]

Farm Transfers & Succession Planning

Farm Transfers & Succession Planning

Farm transfers and succession planning are amongst the biggest decisions a Farmer will have to make in the course of their lifetime.  Farm Succession Planning should be a collaborative process and should include discussions between the family, Accountants, Famer Consultants and Solicitors. Succession planning should not be left until the last minute, i.e. the eve […]