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amendments to the fair deal scheme

Understanding the amendments to the fair deal scheme

The Nursing Home Support Scheme (Amendment) Bill 2021 has now been passed into law and will come into effect in late October 2021. The amendment has introduced many minor changes to the Principal Act but one of the major amendments relates to farmers and small business owners. The amendment allows specific individuals who qualify to […]

Employment Contracts

What you need to know about Employment Contracts

One of the primary aims of employment law is to clearly set out the minimum standards by which an employer must treat an employee. As a broad generalisation, it is fair to say that employment law is drafted in favour of the employee, as it is drafted on the assumption that there is a power […]

What does the term Mitigate mean?

From a legal perspective, mitigate is a fancy way of saying “minimize”. It is generally used when referring to the obligation of an individual (normally a claimant) to minimise any ongoing loss or suffering they are experiencing. Judges will often tell claimants that “you can’t sit on your hands”, what they mean by this is […]

employee termination legal insight - wrongful termination

Understanding the policies and procedures surrounding employee termination

Where an employer has a potential employee complaint, as Solicitors, one of the first things we will want to see is a copy of the employee’s contract of employment and the employee handbook. We will review the Contract and handbook to see if they are valid and if they comply with all of the relevant legislation. Employment […]

company policy

Keep your business running with a clear COVID-19 company policy

These are hard times for companies right now, dealing with the COVID-19 lockdown and all of the issues it is throwing up, keeping afloat and trying to keep your staff employed to name but a few. The Government has introduced some specific legislation to try and address the immediate issues and are providing ongoing guidance […]

how to navigate any potential pitfalls

Tips and solutions on how to navigate any potential pitfalls.

A webinar which is designed to give a broad overview of those areas of the employment law relationship between employer and employee which are most likely to be affected by Covid-19, including the relevant legislation and practical tips and solutions on how to navigate any potential pitfalls. The objective of this webinar is to examine […]


What we are doing to ensure continuation of service.

In light of growing concerns over the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we have initiated our Business Continuity Plan. To ensure viability of service and protect our staff, clients and members of the community, we are working behind closed doors, or remotely where possible. We have postponed all non-essential physical meetings too. We have put […]

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