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Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution is a term used to define a broad range of methods or procedures that can be used to resolve a conflict between two or more parties, it encompasses everything from litigation to mediation.      

Employment Law

Employment law is a rapidly expanding and increasingly important aspect of Irish legal practice. Employment law is an extremely broad area of law that deals with both employers and employees’ legal rights, responsibilities and obligations. Significantly influenced and informed by developments at the European Union level and by various Constitutional imperatives, it is composed not […]


Have you ever heard the term “mitigate your loss” and wondered what it meant? Legal terms are often misunderstood, but we’re here to help. Join Paul Murran as he explains exactly what this means.  

gender equality and diversity benefits

How gender equality and diversity benefits business and employees

Peter O’Connor & Son LLP is proud to announce that we have signed the Gender Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Charter, approved by the Law Society of Ireland. While gender equality and diversity have improved in recent years, there is still a long way to go before we reach full equality.  Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion […]

Ireland cycle to work scheme

Government introduces Bike to Work Scheme

In an age where convenience takes priority, what makes us believe the Bike to Work Scheme would appeal to businesses? At Peter O’Connor & Son Solicitors LLP, we believe the benefits of this initiative trump the short-term satisfaction of convenience. The Bike to Work Scheme is a tax incentive scheme to encourage employees to cycle […]

amendments to the fair deal scheme

Understanding the amendments to the fair deal scheme

The Nursing Home Support Scheme (Amendment) Bill 2021 has now been passed into law. It will come into effect in late October 2021. The amendment has introduced many minor changes to the Principal Act. One of the major amendments relates to farmers and small business owners. The amendment allows specific individuals who qualify to ring […]

changes to the employment permits system

Government announces changes to the employment permits system for workers outside the EEA

Good news for the Healthcare and Nursing Home Sector, Skilled Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Assistants! Due to the increased demand for Healthcare Assistants and other skilled candidates in several healthcare roles, the Government has this week announced changes to the employment permits system for workers outside the EEA. The announcement comes with immediate effect for […]

Employment Contracts

What you need to know about Employment Contracts

One of the primary aims of employment law is to clearly set out the minimum standards by which an employer must treat an employee. As a broad generalisation, it is fair to say that employment law is drafted in favour of the employee. It is drafted on the assumption that there is a power imbalance […]

What does the term Mitigate mean?

From a legal perspective, mitigate is a fancy way of saying “minimise”. It refers to the obligation of an individual (normally a claimant) to minimise ongoing loss or suffering they are experiencing. Judges will often tell claimants that “you can’t sit on your hands”. What they mean by this is that, a claimant must be […]