Preclearance Letter

A preclearance letter is a special permission that allows for clearing customs or immigration in advance. Ireland has improved its process for granting preclearance to help Non-EEA de facto partners of Irish citizens to live and work in Ireland. This makes it easier for Irish immigrants to return home alongside the partners they have met […]

Enduring power of attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney is a document which nominates an individual or individuals to make decisions on behalf of the donor in the event that they lose capacity and are unable to do so for themselves. This is different and distinct from a standard Power of Attorney. Contact us to book a consultation to […]

Shareholders Agreement

A Shareholders Agreement is a legally binding contract between the people or entities who own a company, that is the shareholders and sometimes the company itself. It is important that the contents are understood by all parties. We offer legal support and advice in relation to company formation and the drafting of shareholders’ agreements to […]

Investigation of title

When purchasing a property in Ireland, a buyer must engage a solicitor to conduct an “investigation of title”. This involves going through and critically reviewing the title documents the seller is offering. The buyers solicitor will identify any missing documents, potential problems or gaps in title and attempt to resolve these prior to contracts being […]