Decision Making Representation Order (DMRO)

A “decision-making representation order” refers to a legal mechanism provided for under the Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act 2015. This Act aims to support decision-making by adults with impaired capacity in a way that is consistent with their human rights and preferences. For expert legal advice and assistance with applying for a Decision-Making Representation Order, contact […]

The Role of Decision-Making Representation Orders in Ireland’s Mental Health Capacity Legislation

A decision-making representation order made to the circuit court is an application by an individual to have a specific person appointed to make decisions for and on behalf of another. It is the highest level of tiered support available under the Mental Health Capacity Act. Criteria for Court Consideration The court will only consider putting […]

Understanding and Establishing an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA): A Guide

The purpose of this video is to give a brief overview of the area of enduring powers of attorney. There was a lot of change in this area of the law last year, April 2023, when the Mental Health Capacity Act 2015 came fully into force, there has been considerable change to the area of […]

Advance Healthcare Directive

An Advance Healthcare Directive (AHD) is a legal document that outlines an individual’s preferences and instructions for medical treatment in case they become unable to communicate or make decisions due to illness or incapacity. Contact us to book a consultation to guide you through the process of tailoring Advance Healthcare Directive to your needs.

Navigating the Fresh Start Mortgage: Your guide to state affordable housing schemes

A Fresh Start principle applies to applications to State affordable housing and loan schemes. This means that the following categories of persons are eligible to apply for the Local Authority Home Loan: Applicant(s) who previously purchased or built a dwelling, together with a spouse, a civil partner or a person with whom he or she […]

Understanding Advanced Healthcare Directives: A Guide to Planning for Your Future Care

They came in under the Mental Health Capacity Act 2015, and they are a very valuable document and one worth considering in terms of your own succession planning. Definition and Purpose of Advanced Healthcare Directives An advanced healthcare directive is a legal document which sets out your will and preference with regard to any health […]

Affordable homeownership: Understanding the Local Authority Home Loan

The Local Authority Home Loan is available nationwide from all local authorities. The loan is a normal Capital and Interest-bearing mortgage which is repaid by direct debit on a monthly basis. You can borrow up to 90% of the market value of the property. Maximum market values of the property that can be purchased or […]

Pathway to ownership: Understanding the First Home Scheme

The First Home Scheme (FHS) aims to make homeownership achievable for thousands of individuals and families by bridging the gap for first-time buyers and other eligible homebuyers between their deposit and mortgage, and the price of their new home. It is what’s known as a shared equity scheme. This means that homebuyers can receive funds […]

Reviving spaces: The Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant explained

What is the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant? The Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant is a payment you can get if you are turning a vacant house or building into your permanent home or a rental property. A grant of up to €50,000 is available. If the refurbishment costs exceed the standard grant of up to €50,000, […]

Unlocking homeownership: The Help to Buy scheme explained

The Help to Buy (HTB) scheme is designed to assist first-time buyers fund the deposit required to purchase or self-build a qualifying property to live in as their home. HTB provides for a refund of Income Tax and Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT) paid in the State for the previous four tax years, subject to […]